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DDC Talks: The City as Facilitator of Circular Digital Partnerships

7 December 2023
8:30 – 9:15
Date December 7, 2023
Time 8:30 – 9:15
Event type Talk
Price Free
Location Online
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The event will be in English

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Join us for an online talk on the playbook The City as Facilitator of Circular Digital Partnerships. The playbook unveils innovative strategies and tools for transforming cities into hubs of circularity, resource efficiency, and collaboration – all powered by digital solutions and partnerships

This talk will provide you with valuable knowledge and insights into current issues and trends in circular development and digital innovation, and you will be presented with tools and inspiring practices to make your city the facilitator of circular digital partnerships.

Our two keynote speakers Toke Sabroe from twin transition and our own Monica Maria Moeskær, will take you through the playbook.

The playbook focuses on the following key areas:

  1. Public-Private Collaboration: The playbook showcases the significance of collaborative partnerships between public and private sectors. Such collaborations are essential to harness resources, knowledge, and innovation to create circular solutions and systems.
  2. Circular Economy Practices: The concept of the circular economy is a cornerstone of the playbook. It encourages cities to transition from a linear model to one where products and materials are reused, remanufactured, and recycled to minimize waste and environmental impact.
  3. Digital Transformation: It emphasizes the role of technology and data in making cities more efficient, adaptable, and circular. Digital platforms and data-driven solutions are presented as powerful tools to monitor, analyze, and optimize various urban and circular processes.

"The circular economy transition offers wide-ranging benefits to cities and their residents. To realize these benefits in full, cities will need to make bold decisions and imaginative solutions to rethink material and information flows. This report maps out how cities can forge innovative new partnerships to get the data and solutions they need to accelerate their circular economy transitions"

Sarah O'Carroll

Cities Lead

Who should join?

This event is relevant for project managers and leaders in city administration with a focus on circular transition, in particular, data-driven solutions. It is also relevant for businesses and entrepreneurs who focus on the circular, data-driven development of cities and want to understand how cities can enter into partnerships, as well as the barriers and opportunities currently present for city facilitators.

How was the playbook made?

The playbook is inspired and based on the learnings and insights from the Circular Innovation City Challenge held in 2021 by the partners behind the playbook. Since then, interviews of frontrunner cities and relevant organizations within the circular, data-driven transition have been conducted. Additionally, the partners draw on their knowledge from a broad portfolio of projects with city development, public procurement, and innovation projects.


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Theresa Ebling Lauritsen

Urban Transition Designer

Phone +45 3172 2472
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