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Decoupling 2030 Lab: Sustainable Strategy and Management

28 November 2023
20 March 2024
Date Nov 28, 2023 — Mar 20, 2024
Time Four full days in the lab: November 28, January 10, February 21, and March 20
Event type Course
Price Free
Location DANDY Business Park, Lysholt Allé 10, 7100 Vejle

Do you need help transitioning to sustainable production?

In our eight-year program, Decoupling 2030, we help Danish production companies with high sustainability ambitions to decouple their value creation from their climate and environmental impacts. We do this through 1:1 expert advice and collaboration in the customized labs where we help companies set priorities, create actionable plans, and develop tailored solutions.

Leading sustainable transition requires new knowledge and an innovative management, strategy, and business development approach. In our ‘Sustainable Strategy and Management lab,’ you will learn from the best to advance your ability to lead sustainable transformation processes. This lab is your bridge to the tools and knowledge needed to lead transformative processes that drive engagement across customers, employees, and the entire value chain, ultimately leading to a new sustainable management focus.

We are looking for Danish production companies in the Triangle Region of Denmark (in Danish known as Trekantområdet) to sign up for the lab.

There will be a total of four full days in the lab: Kickstarting on November 28, continuing on January 10 and February 21, and ending on March 20, 2024.

Fortunately, the lab starts continuously, so if you can’t make it for this one, a new lab will start later (date to be announced).

By joining the lab, your company will:

  1. Get 1:1 advice from leading experts in sustainable production, circular economy, innovation, and business development
  2. Acquire the necessary skills and concrete tools to manage and lead strategic and sustainable transformation processes, including challenges and potential
  3. Learn from leading experts how to create engagement and involvement across customers, employees, the value chain, and other key stakeholders
  4. Gain access to new networks and collaborate with like-minded companies through joint exercises and conversations, leading to new insights and management focus.

"Leading a sustainable transformation process requires new knowledge and an innovative approach to management, strategy and business development. In Iab for 'Sustainable Strategy and Management,' we provide your company with the necessary knowledge and effective tools to help you lead sustainable transformation processes and create commitment and involvement across customers, employees, and the value chain."

Trine Plambech

Director of Digital Sustainability, Alexandra Instituttet

Sign up

Sign up via the formula here or contact Andreas Korntved Mortensen by phone +45 3151 5284 or by email

About Decoupling 2030

Danish manufacturing companies and their value chains are essential to transitioning to a sustainable and competitive society. Our vision is for Denmark to take the lead and show the way for future sustainable production.

The Danish production sector holds enormous potential. Developing sustainable and circular products and collaborating in the value chain creates a better environment and climate, new markets, and lasting competitiveness. That’s why we launched Decoupling 2030 – an eight-year program that helps manufacturing companies with high sustainability ambitions to decouple their value creation from their climate and environmental impacts.

In Decoupling 2030, the sustainable transition is a lever to pursue new business opportunities that strengthen companies’ competitiveness – without harming the planet. 

Our goal is ambitious but clear. By 2030: 

  • 3,600 Danish production companies have started decoupling and their sustainable transition
  • 650 companies have moved several steps up the sustainability maturity ladder
  • Fifty are fully decoupled.

Read more about Decoupling 2030 here.

Decoupling 2030 is run in collaboration between the Triangle Region, the Alexandra Institute, DANDY Business Park, Technological Institute, FORCE Technology, and DDC – Danish Design Center.

The Danish Industry Foundation has co-developed and funded the program.

Andreas Korntved Mortensen

Eco Designer

Phone +45 3151 5284
Social LinkedIn

Do you have questions about the lab?

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