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For Companies: How to Make Sustainable Organizational Changes

28 October
1 November 2024
Date Oct 28 — Nov 1, 2024
Time Four full days, 9.00 — 16.00
Event type Workshop
Price Free
Location AI Innovation House, DANDY Business Park, Innovations Allé 3, 7100 Vejle
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This event will be in Danish

In this lab, you will gain access to the latest skills and tools to develop specific organizational initiatives with behavioral design and circular business models. This will lead to stronger brand loyalty among consumers, better marketing positioning, and higher employee satisfaction, which will positively impact your bottom line.

Our labs are always tailored to your specific situation – we meet you and your company where the need is greatest in your sustainable transition.

The lab starts October 28, 2024, and consists of four full-day modules until November 1, 2024.

Want to know more about the lab? Download information here.

In our eight-year-long program Decoupling 2030, we help your production companies decouple value creation from climate and environmental impact – without compromising competitiveness.

Decoupling 2030 is developed with and financed by The Danish Industry Foundation

Matilde Holm

Project Manager

Phone +45 5099 0085
Social LinkedIn

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