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Master Class:
How to Use The Digital Ethics Compass

13 January 2022
15:00 – 17:00
Date January 13, 2022
Time 15:00 – 17:00
Event type Webinar
Price Free
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*The master class will be in Danish

Join us for an online master class about digital ethics at the Danish Design Center on December 16. During the event, you will be introduced to the Digital Ethics Compass’; a tool that assists companies in developing ethical and competitive products and services. You will learn how to apply the compass to your field of work – whether you are a designer, a professional developer, or simply just interested in how to work more systematically with the development of ethical solutions on a future basis.

Ethics is a competitive advantage

Ethics is not required by law. In fact, ethics begins where the law ends. 

Overall, ethics is about asking oneself the crucial question: “Just because we can, should we?”. The fact is that being ethically responsible is not just “the right thing to do” when you work with digital products and services. It is also an important competitive advantage for the company, no matter the sector.  

During the master class, we will elaborate on the benefits of digital ethics and show you how to use The Digital Ethics Compass to make the best design ethical decisions for your organization.

The Danish Design Center has developed the Digital Ethics Compass in collaboration with a number of digital experts and design partners to help companies navigate ethical dilemmas that arise when developing new digital products. 

You will receive a link to the master class three days before the event.


15:00 Why should you even worry about digital ethics? 

15:30 What is ‘The Digital Ethics Compass’: What makes it an important tool? And how was it made?

15:50 A look inside the toolbox: Learn how to use the tools 

16:50 Q&A 

17:00 Final remarks

Anne Danielsen

Senior Service Designer

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