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Julie hjort

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Three Things to Explore in November

01. Nov 2021

This month, our program director of sustainable transformation, Julie Hjort, highlights three important things to explore. And if you work in the intersection between sustainability, design, and circular economy you’ll be busy! November is packed with important and inspiring sustainability events

Quick insight

COP 26: The Most Important Sustainability Event of the Year

Let’s hope that the gravity of the recent IPCC report will carry weight this year, as the world’s leaders and policymakers gather to respond to the urgent challenge of climate change at the UN climate summit COP26. It is a significant meeting as countries that have signed the Paris Agreement are due to submit the next iterations of their national emissions goals. 

Personally, I hope that the circular economy as a means to drive climate neutrality will be a crucial part of the conversation and the goals that are defined. It is a known fact that conventional mitigation strategies only will bring us halfway to carbon neutrality in 2050. 

“The remaining 45% comes from producing the cars, clothes, food, and other products we use every day. The circular economy can contribute to completing the picture of emissions reduction by transforming the way we make and use products” – Ellen MacArthur 2019.

Photo by GRASP

Grasp Festival: Exploring Sustainability through the Arts

With the new sustainability festival, Grasp, by Roskilde Festival sustainability solutions are explored through the lens of art, music, activism, and community. The art sphere is one of the strongest arenas for inspiring us, challenging us, and touching our minds and bodies. I believe that events such as Grasp are not to be underestimated when it comes to making sustainability relatable, present, and attractive to the broad public.

I’m very curious about the Circular Laboratory that will be kickstarted at Grasp – a new circular marketplace where over 200 entrepreneurs will be involved in building the circular solutions of tomorrow by 2025. 

The Circular Laboratory is a collaboration between Tuborgfondet and Roskilde Festival.

to piger ved dronning louises bro

Nordic Circular Summit: Giving Youth a Voice in Shaping our Circular Future

The Nordic Circular Hotspot brings Nordic players together to accelerate the transition to a circular summit. The summit this November is an important yearly highlight, where key people from the Nordic region share insights and knowledge on how to advance the circular economy. The summit will discuss circular business models, policy, and financing. And as something new this year, the summit has given youths a central voice, diving into education, activism, entrepreneurship, future leadership, and youth culture. 

I really appreciate this take on the circular economy. And I’m extremely pleased that we at DDC get to host some of the events at our BLOX location since we have just become partners of the Nordic Circular Hotspot.

Julie Hjort

Director of Sustainable Transition

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