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Sara Solveig Ørnsholt

Sara solveig ørnsholt

Photo: Oliver Herlitschek

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I spend most of my time driving our work on organizational design. It is indisputable that we must design organizations with strategic priorities and a meaningful and actionable purpose for the individual to create impactful organizations where humans thrive. I explore how this can be done with Sune Knudsen, Tirza Lambæk, Maria Arndt, and Christian Bason.

Some of my reflections on our own process in DDC toward becoming a self-leading organization are captured here.

In our missions work, I harvest the good – and not-so-good – practices from our projects and missions to showcase design as an enabling factor in bringing a quite advanced theoretical field into practice. I am in this with brilliant colleagues such as Gry Brostrøm, Sara Gry Striegler, Julie Hjort, and Christian Bason.

As a giant nerd with an obsessive love for patterns, I also play a role in many of our analyses and learning activities. For instance, diving deep into the trials and tribulations of leading innovation in large corporations.

Contact me if you have questions or curiosities about organizational design, mission-driven design, or innovation in the public sector.

Explore some of Sara's current and previous projects:

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