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Podcast: Setting Decisions Free

19. Aug 2022

What happens when you set the decision process free and remove the traditional management style in an organization? COO Sune Knudsen shares his own and DDC’s experiences with setting the organization free


In this podcast, communication agency bro talks to our COO, Sune Knudsen, about his personal insights as well as DDC’s experiences with changing our organization. 

Listen in and learn more about:

  • What personal leadership can look like
  • Why you should consider moving the decision-making mandate from the manager to the employee
  • What you must take into account if you are considering radical rethinking of the management style in your organization

The podcast is in Danish

What we offer in organizational design

If you are interested in changing your organization, we’ll gladly share our experiences so far. We’ll always tailor the specific event to your exact needs and situation.

Book us for an inspirational talk, where we share our process, challenges, and successes with our transformation to a self-leading organization. This event can be physical or virtual.

Use a half or full day to get an in-depth experience and new knowledge about your organization. We’ll take you through a number of relevant exercises and bring you forward in your process. This event can be physical or virtual.

Reach out to Brian Frandsen or Sune Knudsen to hear more about your options.

Sune Knudsen


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