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Beyond Beta: From startup to scaleup

Platform-based and performance-driven: Beyond Beta is not like any other accelerator. This is where promising start-ups get ready to level up their growth journey in record time

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Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull

The Challenge: Preparing a new generation of startups with no time to waste

How might we turn the experience of helping +1000 Danish startups into an accelerator that prepares a new generation of startups for their next round of investment and rapid scaling?

The How: Intensified core accelerator 

Beyond Beta’s core accelerator is a modular platform for high-intense training programs, mentoring, access to critical resources, and matchmaking with investors, corporates, and advisors.

Beyond Beta takes startups through a rigorous process and helps them:

  • Gear up their business for rapid scaling
  • Become investment-ready
  • Find relevant investors, corporates, and experts

Divided into three phases with cut-offs every six weeks, Beyond Beta selects only the best startups to move on to the next phase of the accelerator. This keeps the motivation high and unlocks more opportunities.

Applications close every 6 months. Check out the next deadline on to learn what it takes to apply.

A free pre-accelerator

For startups not quite ready for the core program, the Beyond Beta pre-accelerator offers a completely free online platform accessible to all founders. Early-stage startups also use it as an on-demand toolbox to build their startup for scale or as a first step into the accelerator program.

The partners

Frederik Lean Hansen

Senior Project Manager

Phone +45 3136 4700
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