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Course: Develop Your Circular Strategy Through Design

Regardless of where you are in your circular transition, we want to see you take the next – or first – step. After having helped more than 150 companies develop circular strategies, solutions, and partnerships, we now offer tailored courses to any ambitious company wanting to go circular. Read about your options here

This project is a part of our theme
Green transition

Our industrial system is reaching its physical limits. We’re running out of Earth’s resources, and we’re running out of time.

Those are facts that every company must deal with as it will affect their future existence. But it is also a huge opportunity. With the circular transition comes new, robust business models, competitive advantages, and a closer, more stable relationship with suppliers and customers.

Entering the circular transition as a business, especially an SME, can be overwhelming and unmanageable. Where do you start? Where to find data? Which actors should be involved? How expensive will it be? What is the return on development? And how do you, as a company, deal with the many new circular legislative requirements? The questions quickly pile up.

Sometimes you need to learn more about your business, and there are many aspects of the circular economy you need to know about, too. How do you start the change?

Design-driven business development for a circular transition

When you take a design-driven approach to business development, it challenges existing conventions with a circular and user-driven focus. Your business will benefit from a holistic and strategic perspective that allows us to tackle a problem from all angles to create and test the best solution for your company.

When you sign up for a course with us, the process has five phases:

  1. Scoping
    At the first meeting, we create the framework for your company’s circular business opportunities and barriers together.
  2. Understand your company’s ecosystem.
    We focus on your company’s ecosystem and identify circular development potentials in your supply chain.
  3. The development of practical solutions
    Here, you can develop tangible solutions for new circular initiatives in your company.
  4. Prototype and test
    We will teach you how to make quick and valuable prototypes so that you can test your new circular solutions. So, the ideas are qualified before you implement them.
  5. Implementation
    Here, we finally fine-tune your company’s new business strategy and give you the tools to work green and circularly in the future.

There will be an opportunity to invite some of Denmark’s brightest and most qualified designers in the field of sustainability and circular economy into the process, if relevant.

"We have learned that our business model can be combined with circularity to a greater extent than we had imagined, so the process has clearly met our expectations"

Marie Budtz

Head of Corporate Responsibility & ESG, Bacher

How do you join?

You simply reach out to Gry – all companies are welcome. We have experience with business development for small, medium, and large companies from all industries.

We recommend that management or employees with a decision-making mandate are present during the process.


We know it requires resources, profits, and capacity to participate in strategic development. We always take that into account and make sure to tailor the process to the participating company and its unique situation. A course will typically take 2-5 months, depending on the depth of your development process. 


The price varies depending on the length and scope of the course. We usually carry out courses ranging from DKK 50,000 – 250,000. 

"It has set the direction for our growth strategy. I am so happy that we participated"

Previous participant

Your challenge is our drive

We have developed several practical tools and methods at DDC that are open-source and accessible to everyone. The tools help companies develop circular strategies, processes, collaborations, products, and solutions. We offer design-driven business and innovation courses based on the tools to companies that want to start or further develop their circular transformation – like this one.

We are continuously working to spread the use of the tools – especially our toolkit Designing Your Circular Transition. Because it so effectively supports the company’s circular development. But also because, through collaboration with companies, we get new knowledge and experience first-hand the practical barriers and opportunities that design methods- and thinking must solve in the future. We incorporate this knowledge when we develop new tools, strategies, initiatives, and partnerships – to benefit even more companies and our planet.

"We have been very happy with the whole process and have incorporated new take-back options and different circular collaboration opportunities with our customers"

Previous participant

About us

We’re a non-profit foundation that works to build capacity for innovation and sustainable growth by design. All the knowledge, material, and resources we produce are open-source and accessible to the broad public. DDC provides services on market terms for training or counseling targeted at companies and organizations. Read more about our projects here.

Gry Brostrøm

Mission Driver

Phone +45 3115 8670
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