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Future Now:
Strengthen your business with stories from the future

Future-proof your business with Future Now, our new strategy and business development program aimed at Danish production companies

This project is a part of our theme
Green transition

The Challenge: How do we prepare our businesses for a future of uncertainty?

How can we create adaptable and innovative businesses? The kind that doesn’t just survive massive change, but learns from it and comes out stronger? How can we rewire our thinking to be proactive and see the future from a fresh point of view and spot new business opportunities?

The Approach: Scenario-based design makes the future tangible

The Future Now program is designed to give you and your team the tools to see the future in a new light. With one-on-ones with leading experts, intensive boot camps, and scenario-based design, a method to shape tangible and realistic future outcomes, the program helps you see the future in a vivid and detailed way, giving you a better foundation to make strategic business decisions. 

You’ll also get the chance to invite selected business partners into your process so you can develop your new business model in close collaboration with the stakeholders that matter. 

As part of the program, we’ll zoom in on sustainability and work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, using The Confederation of Danish Industry’s tools to examine how you can create positive change in the world – while staying in business.

Future Now is supported by The Confederation of Danish Industry and is free to sign up for. To join, you need to sign up at least two employees and guarantee that your management is ready to get involved.

The Program

Scoping conversation
At our first meeting, we discuss the desired outcome of the program. 

Match with mentor
You get a mentor that matches the challenge you’re facing. They’ll follow your process from start to finish.

Bootcamp 1: Future laboratory
You explore how to navigate four radically different future scenarios for your production in 2050. From here, you’ll investigate the opportunity spaces for your business, map new business opportunities and take the first steps towards change. 

One-on-one: Mentor time and homework
You develop the first draft of your new strategy/business model. Your mentor assists you.   

Bootcamp 2: Value proposition and prototyping
You continue the work on your new strategy/business model using prototypes to test your ideas. 

One-on-One: Mentor time and homework
You continue on prototypes and start to test your ideas. Your mentor is there to help you smooth out any bumps on the road.  

Bootcamp 3: Plan, implementation and scenario perspectives
You revisit the scenarios and validate the new strategy/business model.

You adjust and finalize your business model and get ready to implement, strengthened and prepared for the future. 

Program duration: 10-12 weeks

Meet the mentors

All participating companies get their own expert mentor with a background in design, sustainability, digitalisation or production. They’ll be instrumental in helping you take the input, methods and tools from boot camps and anchor them in your daily work to keep you on your path to real change. 

Meet the mentors here: 

Change is happening

Seven companies will be selected to join the program.
Save the dates and future-proof your business:

TBA Individual scoping meetings
TBA Workshop
October 5-6 Bootcamp 1
November 4-5 Bootcamp 2
November 24-25 Bootcamp 3

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Read more about the three boot camps

Gry Brostrøm

Senior Project Manager

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