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Building on Social Innovation

KOTE 0 is a community platform for anyone who works or wants to work in social innovation in Denmark

This project is a part of our theme
Social transition

KOTE 0 aims to raise political awareness of social innovation and pave the way for a national strategy that leads to public and private investment. It’s a project designed to make social innovation part of the agenda in Denmark, as it is in other European countries. 

The Challenge: Put social innovation on the agenda

Social innovation helps us deal with the major national and international societal challenges we all face. Denmark has a long tradition in the area, with its school system, cooperative movement, and labor market model all examples of groundbreaking social innovation. But despite that, the concept isn’t widely known and it’s not a political priority.

The Approach: Building capacity

Through KOTE 0, we are using tried and tested design methods to build capacity in organizations from all sectors of Danish society. We run workshops and create tools that help people and companies explore social innovation and understand how it benefits our wider society.

It’s through this work that we are able to raise vital awareness about the need for more social innovation in Denmark. It shows how important it is for local authorities, politicians, and other decision-makers to continuously support the infrastructure and network around social innovation.

Our social innovation partners

The EU Commission chose KOTE 0 to be the national competence center for social innovation in Denmark. The initiative is co-financed by the European Social Fund and led by the Academy of Social Innovation and our expert team at the DDC. KOTE 0 is part of a pan-European network of competence centers for social innovation.

Sara Solveig Ørnsholt

Organizational Design Lead

Phone +45 2565 6407
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