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Ready to Go Green?
Join the Green Circular Transition Project

Accelerating the green transition with more than 400 Danish companies, the Green Circular Transition project provides the insights, methods, and tools to fuel your circular aspirations

This project is a part of our theme
Green transition

We’re part of the national project Green Circular Transition providing free coaching and counseling to shape green and circular business models for more than 400 Danish small and medium-sized companies. 

Your business could be the next to get expert consulting worth DKK 90,000 to help your efforts to go green. It’s free to join, which means that all you’ll be investing is the time you’re probably already spending thinking about how to become truly sustainable.

The Challenge: Making the right decisions

How do you make the right decisions for the environment and your business while reducing resources and costs? That’s the big question many companies ask in these times of green transition and circular aspirations.

The Approach: Rethink your strategy with design

The design-led approach to business development challenges existing conventions with a green, circular, and user-driven focus. Your business will benefit from a holistic and strategic perspective that allows us to tackle a problem from all angles so we can create sustainable and competitive solutions. 

You’ll work systematically and strategically with design methods and tools to support their business development. In the end, you’ll have a green and robust business model ready for implementation.

Choose the program that suits you

We always tailor the process to the participating companies and their unique situation.

A design-led business development with individual counseling

A program designed to last 3-6 months where you and your business get the chance to develop and test green, circular business models based on your needs and challenges. You’ll work closely with an individual consultant to clarify, prioritize and focus your efforts to go circular and get ahead of the curve. It’s worth DKK 90,000, but you get it for free by co-financing with the hours you spend throughout the project – a total of 354 hours, to be precise.

Download the Green Circular Transition brochure or read more about the project and apply on the Green Circular Transition website (in Danish only).

Malene Jung

Senior Project Manager

Phone +45 2622 4684
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Do you also want a more circular business model?

The program runs until 2022 with rolling admissions and offers different programs and courses depending on your needs.

Can’t get enough of design and innovation? We hear you. And we have you covered.

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