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Rethink your Design Process
with Distributed Design

Distributed design offers a whole new approach and opportunity to rethink how we design, produce and consume products

This project is a part of our themes
Digital transition, Green transition

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In the meeting between two global trends, the Maker Movement and the digitization of design, a new market is emerging: Distributed design that empower creative individuals to design, produce and manufacture products with new digital tools and co-create with peers from all around the globe. With the Distributed Design Market Platform project, we investigate and broaden the knowledge available on distributed design. 

The Challenge: We need to change the way we consume

The emergence of the fourth industrial revolution (the digital transformation of manufacturing/production and related industries and value creation processes), the climate crisis, and overconsumption have raised questions about the nature and culture of the products we buy. 

How can we develop an alternative to mass-production and the linear consumption models of industrialization?

The Approach: Data & design tools

Focusing on data movements, local material supply chains, and digital production as an alternative to moving materials and goods from production to consumer, we’ll be able to give consumers more control over their final products by allowing them a voice in the production process.

DDC contributes to the project by developing design tools and doing our bit to spread the word about distributed design, highlighting its potentials to create a more sustainable world.

The platform itself is for all creative disciplines working with design and the Maker Movement: creatives, makers, designers, artists, architects, scientists, students, and others.

The Designers
Aiming to increase the number of designers and creatives that self-produce goods by giving them access to new resources, like digital platforms for all aspects of the design process

The Makers
Targeting makers who merge artisanal skills with a digital layer of tools, we hope to serve this global community of doers by making it easier for them to connect with spaces like Fab Labs, Makerspaces, and Hackerspaces where they work.

What is the Distributed Design Market Platform?

The Distributed Design Market Platform is a four–year project funded by the European Union through the Creative Europe fund. As an exchange and networking hub for the European Maker Movement, it hosts online and offline events and activities like workshops, fairs, and boot camps that promote emerging creative talent in Europe and their business productivity and sustainability.

The values of the Distributed Design Market Platform

Supportive – We promote designers and makers with new approaches to product development and commercialization

Sustainable – We promote sustainable production and consumption with a focus on product distribution and fabrication, ‘zero kilometers’ in supply chains, open-source distribution, and the circular lifecycle of products

Open – We promote platforms and toolkits that help designers go from idea to prototype, and from prototype to products and markets

Ecosystemic – We promote an ecosystemic approach to online and offline tools that connect designers, makers, manufacturers, and markets

This project works on realizing the following actions:

  • Proximity to production
  • Courage
  • Collective Action

Therese Balslev

Strategic Circular Designer

Phone +45 2960 3869
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