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The Digital Ethics Compass: How do we develop ethical technology?

The project and design tool The Digital Ethics Compass empowers businesses to use ethics as a competitive advantage

This project is a part of our theme
Digital transition

A podcast with our CEO Christian Bason and digital strategist Peter Svarre on artificial intelligence was the catalyst for us to investigate the need for a tool or program that helps businesses develop a language and method for designing digital and ethical products.

The Challenge: Ethics is a competitive advantage

The global spread of digital technologies that enrich people’s lives with services, distribution, and efficient tools are showing problematic side effects. As more and more consumers demand privacy, protection, and transparency in their products and services, companies are beginning to understand that ethical behavior is not nice to have, but rather the business-critical way of working in the near future.

The Approach: Let the compass show the way

We’ve developed The Digital Ethics Compass with a string of Danish companies in Fin-, Health- and Mobility-tech. The compass is a simple and practical learning program that enables companies to build an ethical foundation for their future financial growth.

New products can be useful to mankind, but function sometimes comes at the cost of misinformation, political manipulation, or addiction to digital gadgets and services. In order for more companies to integrate ethics in their work while exploiting the growth opportunities of digitalization, our goal is to empower them to design products and services in new and improved ways.

Learning program prepares companies to act ethically

The hands-on practical learning program prepares companies to walk the talk, by working and developing ethical products and services. With the compass, businesses can work with practical issues, exercises, and challenges and learn how to maneuver the dilemmas of the digital world like data, algorithms, and nudging.  

Companies that complete the program and go on to implement the principles of the Digital Ethics Compass position themselves to become the frontrunners of digital solutions that put people first by prioritizing trust and safety. These are the companies poised to win in the long term. 

Three sectors in focus

The project targets SMEs within finance, health, and transportation: three sectors where an ethical approach to digital design has a major influence on the user experience as well as on growth potential.    

Corti, Danske Bank, and Holo represented the three sectors in the making of the compass. An advisory board, a selection of design, ethics, and business promotion partners have also contributed.   

The project is expected to wrap and launch fully in the fall of 2021. You can test the BETA version of the tool and program here.

Christina Melander

Program Director

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