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The Mission:
Designing Our Irresistible Circular Society

Join the mission to design an irresistible circular society. With 30 partners, we’ve created ten actions that set a direction for how to get there

This project is a part of our theme
Green transition

Want do dive into The 10 Actions?

We’re facing a global climate crisis and running out of resources. Humanity has to change its ways from a linear to a circular pattern of life, consumption, and production. We all must act. But when we act, we must not just try to fix the existing problems facing our planet – we must envision a new society we all long to be a part of.

Our irresistible circular society is an experimental laboratory

We work to solve problems at their core. We don’t fix the fundamental issues with one big bet. We build a multitude of new local solutions across society. We work together across sectors, disciplines, backgrounds, cities, and borders, young and old, to design, test, and build solutions that enable our circular society.

We work with ten actions – ten elements that should be in place for the circular society to work and thrive. See the actions above. Thirty leading individuals within circularity across sectors have defined the actions with the 30 for 2030 initiative. See the partner list below.

The ten actions to design an irresistible circular society are featured in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Adaptive Strategy for Circular Design. To accelerate progress toward a circular economy, six leverage points have been identified that designers can employ to bring circularity to their concepts. Together these points form a framework to help organizations unlock the potential of circular design. Our ten actions are featured as examples of how to imagine desirable circular futures.

Explore the strategy here.

The 30 partners at the last co-creation workshop in April 2022

The 30 partners at the last co-creation workshop in April 2022

The 30 partners at the last co-creation workshop in April 2022

Declarations from the 30 partners

Kristine Barenholdt Bruun, Head of The Circular Laboratory, Roskilde Festival

"The ten actions are powerful forces for designing a thriving circular society. At the Circular Laboratory, we commit to using the actions as defining criteria for future projects and integrating them into our behavior and strategy. I hope that you will do the same."

Sune Dowler Nygaard, Executive Vice President, Danish Technological Institut

"New technology alone can't create a circular society. We must create the framework so that designers, users, researchers, officials, innovators, and decision-makers together create the circular solutions we can't live without"

Anders Strange Sørensen, Sustainability Director, Enemærke & Petersen a/s

"In Enemærke & Petersen, we will contribute to the mission of an irresistible circular society by continuing to seek out new collaborations across the industry and share the knowledge we continuously build on circular construction."

What can you do?

Our goal is that as many as possible start using the actions as defining for their work and behavior. Integrate them into your business strategy, use them as a private consumer, and initiate projects that realize them. Please share them with friends, colleagues, partners, and collaborators. We need to work towards the same goal to succeed with our irresistible circular society.

The DDC Declaration

Here at DDC, we declare to use the actions as defining for all future projects within the green transition. Our existing projects Circular Cities and Sustainable Production, already work towards realizing Flexible Legislation, Data, and Collective Action. Furthermore, we have more projects s in our pipeline building on atoms one, two, five, and ten. We’re almost ready to announce them. We also declare to create awareness around the ten actions through our communication and mobilize partners to use them. Lastly, we claim to follow them as human beings.

Thank you to Industriens Fond for supporting this mission.

Driving change through a circular mission

Since launching our mission in 2021, we’ve mobilized more than 3,500 actors nationally and internationally. These actors are companies, municipalities, designers, industry and interest organizations, academia, policymakers, foundations, and international leading people within the circular economy. 1,000 are Danish companies (when we say we’ve mobilized an actor, we’ve been in direct contact either through a talk, workshop, course, meeting, etc.).
Read more about how we work mission-driven here.

Reach out to Gry Brostrøm if you want to join our mission.

How to get started

Below you will find our suggestions for turning the 10 actions into, well, actual action.

We’ll introduce tools, knowledge, people, companies, and organizations that show us how to bring the actions to life. We’ll publish content continuously.

Collective Action
One way to get started on taking Collective Action is to use our

  1. Ecosystem mapping tool, and then 
  2. Play our Value Chain Game

Download the two tools here.

Flexible Legislation
Try our visual mapping of EU legal requirements on circular economy.

As a company, big or small, you must comply with increasing legal requirements from the European Union when working with your circular transition. 

In collaboration with Dansk Erhverv – The Danish Chamber of Commerce, we’ve mapped some of the existing legal requirements for your convenience.

For now – the mapping is in Danish, and it is a prototype. We appreciate any input you might have!

Visit the interactive mapping in Miro here.

One way to get started on the action, Data, is to use our toolkit, the Digital Ethics Compass.

The Compass helps companies make the right decisions from a design-ethical standpoint. It’s a simple and practical tool and learning program (a series of workshops) that enables companies to build an ethical foundation for their future financial growth.

Download the toolkit here.

Knowledge base for circular economy

Launch of the 10 actions at LOOP Forum in April 2022

Launch of the 10 actions at LOOP Forum in April 2022

Launch of the 10 actions at LOOP Forum in April 2022

"We commit ourselves to actively applying the actions in our work to accelerate the transition to a circular society. This initiative is an example of telling a new story about our future. For the next many years, we will work rigorously to apply the ten actions in all of our circular endeavors"

Julie Hjort

Director of Sustainable Transition, DDC

Declarations from the 30 partners

Annemarie Meisling, Senior Director Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, Chr. Hansen

"We need to invent new business models that consider our planetary boundaries. Therefore, Planetary Perspective is crucial to creating a circular society. Our products must be part of the solution and not contribute to the problem. That is a prerequisite for success in the future."

Ditte Lysgaard Vind, Managing partner The Circular Way, Lendager Group

"Design plays a vital role in questioning the status quo and imagining a better world where climate and business are prerequisites rather than opposites. That's why I'm so happy the Danish vision for a circular society is anchored at DDC. I'm looking forward to contributing by merging vision with tangible action the circular way."

Ditte Lysgaard Vind

Jonas Engberg, Head of Climate, COOP

"It’s not news that we want a circular society. We have the knowledge to succeed. So why is it not happening? I think we've forgotten the poetry. We’ve forgotten presence and human interactions – the elements that make us thinking and feeling beings. We need to get humanity back into the conversation about circularity. That’s what Poetry contains."

The 30

Julie Hjort

Director of Sustainable Transition

Phone +45 2575 8933
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Do you have any questions about our circular mission?

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