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Close the Loop:
The Circular Value Chain Game

Time 1-5 hours
Participants Group (6-12 people)

Industries produce a lot of plastic waste, which is predominantly incinerated. That process produces carbon dioxide, which is killing the planet. If you are a business – or a consultant helping a business – this game can help you dramatically improve the value chain: By closing the loop and making waste into a resource.

"Close The Loop: The Circular Value Chain Game gathered the right stakeholders for us with just the right knowledge. It gave our processes for recycling plastic a giant boost"

Gunhild Nørgaard

Head of Internal Brands, REMA 1000

Close The Loop: The Circular Value Chain Game tackles one of the biggest wicked problems of the world: Using the circular economy to do good business out of doing good for the environment. Tackling this issue is highly complex because it is a challenge on a systemic level. But taking action on a smaller scale can make a big difference. The Circular Value Chain Game can help you do small experiments in collaboration with the whole value chain and make valuable proof of scaleable concepts with significant impacts.

What is this game about

The game is a collaborative board game, workshop format, and process for bringing together all the stakeholders of a value chain surrounding the production, use, and discarding of plastic waste. By motivating these stakeholders to join a collaboration to minimize waste and turn it into a valuable resource, the game helps create a shared vision and mission that will have a significant positive impact on the environment and the bottom line for stakeholders.

Who should play?

The game has two target audiences: Most importantly, businesses that want to improve their sustainability agenda radically. And secondly, also consultants, designers, and other change agents who assist such companies in achieving their goals.


The game and the process help the business motivate stakeholders in their value chain to join the effort and present a hands-on and fun way to get started tackling the most pressing challenge of the 21st century.

Download The Circular Value Chain Game

About Close The Loop: The Circular Value Chain Game

The resource is developed by Vejle Municipality and the Danish Design Center as part of a large European consortium in the project REFLOW, funded by the EU Commission’s Horizon 2020 program. The development has happened in close collaboration with many companies, including REMA 1000, Cloetta, P. Fournaise, Marius Pedersen A/S, Essity, and more.

The REFLOW consortium also included Copenhagen Business School, IAAC, Polytecnico Milano, Metabolic, Fraunhofer Fokus, Dyne, FabCity, We Make, P2P Lab, Ecovala, Prototypes, Materiom, WAAG, and more from across Europe.

Read more about REFLOW here.

Materials overview

This resource is available for free under a Creative Commons BY-SA license, allowing you to freely use, modify, and sell it as long as you give credit to the creators and use the same license.

It includes the following features:

  1. Board game materials, including game pieces that you can print and use right away
  2. Instructions on preparing yourself and playing the game with all the relevant stakeholders
  3. Additional support instructions that help you facilitate the process and improve the impact of your efforts
  4. Video tutorials that help you quickly understand it all

What we offer

The game and process are set up to do everything on your own without needing to involve any external resources.

However, if you would like some additional guidance or help with the facilitation, you can quickly get that from the Danish Design Center or Vejle Municipality’s Innovation Department. Another option is the external facilitators Ann Louise Slot and Christian Villum, who was part of leading the development and testing of the resource. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Here’s the process – whether you do it on your own or get help from any of the above:

  1. Set yourself up and get your value chain stakeholders involved
  2. Prepare for and run the workshop, which includes playing the game
  3. Distribute actions among stakeholders following your new collective discoveries and vision
  4. Follow-up on such activities to ensure theory is taken into practice

Malene Jung

Senior Project Manager

Phone +45 2622 4684
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