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White Paper: Creativity as a Driver for Green Transition

22. Sep 2023

We are excited to be featured in the new white paper publication “Creativity as a driver for green transition,” produced by Creative Denmark. Through various inspiring cases and chapters, the white paper takes a deep dive into the crucial role that creativity and innovation play in advancing sustainability – from changing consumer behaviors to implementing circular business models and structural change


We are excited to have our colleague Julie Hjort featured in the new white paper publication “Creativity as a Driver for Green Transition” produced by Creative Denmark

In her chapter, Julie writes:

“Human behavior is a significant factor and challenge in the sustainable and circular transition. Our imagination, empathy, and aesthetics must play a vital role in mobilizing people, businesses, and organizations to truly fuel the lifestyle transformation.”

The publication is designed to offer thoughtful, workable solutions and discussion points to help drive greener business practices using the power of creativity.

Download the white paper here



  • Morten Bødskov 
  • Sara Krüger Falk
  • UN Global Compact Network Denmark
  • Katherine Richardson
  • Charlie Stjerneklar Zacher Tibu
  • Kreativitet & Kommunikation
  • Too Good To Go
  • TV 2 Danmark
  • SYBO
  • Lifestyle & Design Cluster
  • Betina Simonsen
  • AllMatters
  • Textilia Danmark
  • LastObject
  • Sara Lindeblad Wingstrand
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • Skagerak by Fritz Hansen
  • A Circular Design Studio
  • Silviya Svejenova
  • Mater
  • Nordisk Film Shortcut Copenhagen
  • Kvadrat Really
  • Kvadrat 
  • Plus Pack
  • GreenEdTech
  • Rikke Magnussen
  • Circle Bank
  • Thomas Fabian Delman
  • Torben Klitgaard
  • Aase Højlund Nielsen
  • Dominique Perrault
  • UIA World Congress of Architects CPH 2023
  • Mette Lindberg
  • Henning Larsen
  • MAST
  • Daria(Dasha) Krivonos
  • Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Julie Hjort

Director of Sustainable Transition

Phone +45 2575 8933
Social LinkedIn


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