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Call for Danish SMEs: Unfold Your Circular Strategies

02. Feb 2024

Refine your product design and circular strategies through this free and exploratory program. Join DDC’s Product Life Extension Initiative

Long reads

We invite bold and curious Danish SMEs to participate in a design sprint focusing on product lifespan extension.

You can work with an existing product as a starting point where the approach would be to look at potential redesign initiatives. Alternatively, you can bring a well-developed/late-stage product idea that has been prototyped and where you’re ready to explore circular strategies focusing on longevity.

Expected outcomes

  • You leverage a design sprint with circular product experts to refine your product design and circular strategy
  • You build up circular competencies aiming to benefit and strengthen your business 
  • You expand your network and can spare with like-minded, ambitious professionals about circularity and sustainability.

Based on insights and learnings from the program, we will develop an open-source toolkit to assist other companies in adopting circular product development strategies.

Design is your key to circularity

We know design is paramount in the circular transition: 80 percent of a product’s environmental impact is determined in the design phase.

Both in terms of the selection and composition of materials but also concerning the product’s business model, how and for how long we expect to use the product, how we treat, care for, maintain, and repair it, and what happens when the product eventually reaches its end-of-life stage.

Therefore, you unfold key circular product strategies in the program, such as Design for Care, Design for Repair, Design for Longevity, and Design for Disassembly.

In this collaboration, we aim to demonstrate that some well-known Danish design principles, like functionality, quality, and durability, can contribute to a sustainability agenda crucial for the lifespan extension of products and materials.

Why enlist?

  • Collaborate with diverse industry experts, fostering cross-industry innovation
  • Elevate your brand’s sustainability profile
  • Contribute to a shared mission of promoting circular product development globally.

How to apply

Submit your expression of interest by filling out this Tally form.

The deadline is June 30, 2024, and limited spots are available.

​​Program overview


  1. Engage openly in product development, sharing challenges and opportunities
  2. Develop circular product strategies aiming to extend product life spans of materials and products
  3. Participate in a 6-8 month process with 4-6 interactive workshops.
Duration: Throughout 2024
Price: Free
Participation: 1-2 Danish SMEs working transparently and collaboratively

Andreas Korntved Mortensen

Eco Designer

Phone +45 3151 5284
Social LinkedIn

Do you have any questions?

Therese Balslev

Strategic Circular Designer

Phone +45 2960 3869
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