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The Future Organization

In the summer of 2020, we launched our biggest organizational experiment to date; rethinking the DDC itself with a human perspective as the key management principle. Our experiment shows many promising results, but also raises several new questions. For instance, how do we make important decisions? How should top management adapt? And how do we foster communities?

In a series of articles, we share our learnings and the process of restructuring our organization.

During this Design AM, we take you through the guiding principles that shaped our organizational transition, how we decided to take the leap, and the discoveries and dilemmas that followed


Design AM:
The Power and Pitfalls of the Self-Leading Organization

Date February 1, 2022
Time 8:30 – 10:00
Price Free
Location Online
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How do you make ethical design decisions?

The Digital Ethics Compass empowers businesses to use ethics as a competitive advantage

Toolkit: The Digital Ethics Compass

Most organizations are facing three major societal transitions. We're here to help you turn challenges into opportunities for all three.

Green Transition: An Irresistible Urge

The past is irreversible. Let’s make a greener future irresistible

Social Transition: A Radical Approach

Rethinking our social structures and designing inclusive social solutions with human needs front and center

Digital Transition: A Moral Imperative

Designing a society, where ethics are a connected part of our digital infrastructure

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