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Design Sprint Secures a Strategic Edge for Sustainable Furniture Company

The young furniture startup TAKT used a design sprint to ensure a strategic edge within the recycling of sustainable design furnishings


TAKT is a young furniture company that entered the market in 2019 to rethink, sell and distribute furniture, adopting sustainability as the mega-trend to guide all of its endeavors. 

“Everything we do is about creating a sustainable furniture company. That’s why we extend the lifetime of our pieces by taking a component-based approach to design, using certified timber, textiles, and leathers, and shipping our products in flat packs to keep CO2 emissions down. We monitor our climate footprint, we offset our emissions, we hold B Corp certification and we sell directly to our customers without going through a wholesaler. Sustainability will only make a difference once a great many customers take it to heart, and that’s why all TAKT furniture needs to boast both good quality and an attractive price for the market,” explains marketing manager and co-founder Jens Jermiin regarding the core idea behind his young start-up. 

But TAKT was still lacking something to achieve full circularity and thus be true to the company’s entirely central focus on sustainability.

 “We were missing a platform for product recovery that would allow us to take back used products and make sure they were renovated and resold – for example, a kind of peer-to-peer sales platform. Establishing a digital platform which can facilitate that user journey is a strategic digital project of ours and something that we knew we wanted to implement,” explains Jens Jermiin.

TAKT received an inquiry from digital design agency Flip Studio, who could assist in seeking funds for the project, and together they got the project approved. The design sprint was a kick-starter for TAKT. Because before then, Jens Jermiin had been in doubt as to how the company should go about getting started with such a strategically important project.

Being true to their name

“The experience for us has been very positive. Flip Studio had a very condensed and effective process, and we knew what we wanted to achieve, so we were able to draw up a very sharp brief which was developed to incorporate all possibilities over the course of the sprint. Things took shape at lightning speed so we were able to really move forward. The process was fast, effective, and highly inclusive of the three employees from our team who took part,” explains Jens Jermiin. 

Flip Studio provided communication specialists and digital graphic designers who helped to streamline the concept, build templates, ensure a good customer journey, and visualize the whole thing so that TAKT could then go and validate it on the market and test the platform among real potential users. The company got very specific feedback and input which allowed them to quickly make deci – sions. 

“Speed was a crucial factor for us. We set firm dates early on and the sprint really did live up to its name. We have only great praise for the process. It worked really well,” says Jens Jermiin.

Keen to set the agenda

For TAKT, this new digital recovery platform is something of huge strategic importance. Not least because it will hit the accelerator on living sustainably when it comes to furniture while simultaneously setting the company apart on the market. 

“No other company has a platform like that. And we want to be the ones setting the agenda in this sector – without compromising on quality. We want to be the brand that forges ahead and originates new ways to conceptualize sustainable business models. In the longer term, it is also a commercial platform that we may potentially earn money from one day and in the short term it is a powerful message which shows the world that we are at the cutting edge and able to inspire others to go the same way,” concludes Jens Jermiin.

The Digital Design Sprint

Over the last three years, DDC – Danish Design Center has worked with several leading design agencies in the Sprint:Digital project to help more than 100 Danish SMEs future-proof their businesses by developing new digital services or products.

The process is known as a design sprint and involves mapping out, developing, and testing a brand-new digital solution over just five days. The magic formula behind this ultra-compact program is design methods that shorten the distance between thought and action, ensure effective collaboration, and maintain focus on the user throughout the process.

Download the book, Overhal Fremtiden / Overtaking the Future, about the project, in Danish or in English.

About TAKT

Headquarter: Copenhagen
Founded: 2019
Employees: 16

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