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Danish Design Award:
We celebrate the difference design can make

What is good design? And how can it change our lives for the better?

Danish Design Award will be on standby in 2023

Danish Design Award will be on standby in 2023 as DDC – Danish Design Center and Design denmark work to shape a format that strengthens the Award’s impact and relevance for people, businesses, and society.

You can read more about the future for the award here.

We showcase and celebrate the best Danish design solutions with the Danish Design Award every year. From healthcare, education, and work to 13 more categories, the award demonstrates the impact of good design in all aspects of our everyday lives.

Design alone won’t save the world, but how can we acknowledge and promote the solutions that help solve some of the significant challenges of our time and ultimately improve lives?

A national celebration

Danish Design Award is Denmark’s national award for outstanding design. The annual event brings together the design industry, businesses, and the general public to celebrate the difference design can make.

The award categories range from job-creating and cost-cutting design over health solutions and resource sharing to visionary concepts that demonstrate the diversity of design and its value to both companies and society.

"Profound change happens when we solve everyday challenges. Danish designers continue to demonstrate that their ability to solve these challenges is limitless – be it a chair designed from sustainable materials or an app to assist healthcare workers"

Christian Bason

CEO, DDC – Danish Design Center

Danish Design Award:

  • Demonstrates the value and impact of design in Denmark today.
  • Inspires and stimulates the use of design and design thinking in companies and society.
  • Reflects the many aspects of design, design use, and design thinking.

Danish Design Award is a collaboration between DDC and the Danish alliance of design professionals, Design denmark.

The international jury consists of 15 leaders in design, business, and education.

"Danish Design has led the way in human-centered, aesthetic, and well-functioning design. But now is the time for Danish design to make the future a chapter full of possibility: Designing not only for humanity but for the world and all things living"

Henrik Lübker

CEO, Design denmark


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