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DDC Goes Green in Western Denmark

13. Dec 2022

A new partnership with the Design School Kolding strengthens Danish Design Center’s connection to both the latest design research and local businesses.

Quick insight

DDC – Danish Design Center has formed a new partnership with the Design School Kolding, and from February 1, 2023, DDC’s office in Western Denmark will be based at the Design School.

CEO of Danish Design Center, Christian Bason, says the move affirms the Center’s position in Western Denmark:

“After nearly three years in Kolding, we’ve only been confirmed in our conviction that both the vibrant academia and business environment in Western Denmark play a crucial role in Danish design. In partnering with the Design School Kolding, we are moving even closer to the latest research in design and, not least, to the generation of designers that are going to solve the challenges of tomorrow. 

Rector of Design School Kolding, Lene Tanggaard is looking forward to working even closer together with Danish Design Center.

“Through intensive collaboration within research and development, we are going to strengthen our existing strategic partnership, which is anchored in our mutual ambitions to position design in solving our central societal challenges, on a local, a national, and an international scale.“

Focusing on the green transition

It’s been almost three years since Danish Design Center established an office in Kolding as part of its strategy to strengthen the Center’s presence in Western Denmark.

In the summer of 2020, Danish Design Center launched a new business strategy focusing on three societal transitions in which design can play a crucial role: The green transition, the social transition, and the digital transition. DDC’s activities in Western Denmark will center around the green transition, says CEO of Danish Design Center, Christian Bason:

“We have a number of major projects in the pipeline that, together, will define a new direction for Danish businesses, especially concerning the transition to the circular economy. At the same time, they will illustrate the huge potential of design to drive our society in a more sustainable direction.”

He believes that the Design School’s close ties to local businesses and strong ability to turn design research into concrete, business-relevant results will strengthen the Center’s efforts to apply design as a method in the green transition. Similarly, Danish Design Center’s existing partnership with Kolding Kommune will have a major impact in future collaboration.

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