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DDC at Folkemødet 2024

13 - 15 June 2024
Date June 13 — 15, 2024
Time All three days
Price Free
Location Allinge, Bornholm

DDC will be at this year’s Folkemødet. Do you want us to participate in any of your activities?

This event will be in Danish

We’ll be at Folkemødet this year with a group of colleagues representing a range of our activities, methodologies, and way of organizing.If you are looking for panelists or moderators who are experts in:
therese balslev og julie hjort

Julie Hjort, Director of Sustainable Transition

Julie is an avid speaker and experienced moderator. Julie is an expert in circular economy, design methods, building partnerships and cross-sector collaborations, and mission-driven innovation. Julie also speaks on our transformation to become a self-leading organization.

Read more about Julie here.

Therese Balslev, Strategic Circular Designer

Therese is an expert in circular economy and design methods and is currently part of our Circular Behavior Initiative, in which she’s developing a new toolkit targeted at businesses. The toolkit will provide a tangible method for working with behavioral design in the context of a circular economy.

Read more about Therese here.

cecilie bang og sara gry

Cecilie Bang Schulze, Urban Strategist and Senior Project Manager

Cecilie specializes in cities and their huge potential in designing and testing solutions for a more sustainable and thriving society. Cecilie can contribute with hands-on knowledge of urban development and projects at the intersection of design, public actors, and businesses.

Read more about Cecilie here.

Sara Gry Striegler, Director of Social Transition

Sara is an experienced speaker and moderator, and she leads our work within the social transition, particularly creating our mission to design for a future with thriving youth. Sara is an expert on design methods and speaks on subjects such as mission-driven innovation, futures design, wicked problems, and public sector innovation with a focus and passion for youth and care.

Sara also speaks on our transformation to become a self-leading organization.

Read more about Sara here.

Kimme Tentschert og oskar stokholm

Oskar Stokholm Østergaard, Design and Futures Lead

Oskar is an expert practitioner in designing for systems change, using alternative futures and mobilizing the collective imagination, and he’s an integral part of expanding our capacity for working strategically with long-term futures here at DDC. Oskar can share insights from projects with both public and private sector actors, he can take you through a playful futures workshop or give you an overall introduction to how we think about design for societal transitions.

Read more about Oskar here.

Kimme Tentschert, Senior Creative and Project Manager

Kimmie is driving our work related to our mission to design a future for a thriving youth, hereby developing and managing projects and being involved in our work on digital ethics. Kimmie is an expert in designing for impact with youth-driven and empowering projects, and she can speak on our scenario resource Vorby, our toolkit The Digital Ethics Compass, and design as a method to create lasting change.

Read more about Kimmie here.

Who else can I talk to?

You can also meet the following DDC colleagues at Folkemødet. Reach out if you want to hear more about our profiles and how we might contribute to your event: 

The complete program for Folkemødet will be available in mid-May. 

We’ll update this page with our activities when the program is published.

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