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Conference: ESG and Sustainability

25 April 2024
9:00 – 12:30
Date April 25, 2024
Time 9:00 – 12:30
Event type Conference
Price Free
Location AI Innovation House, DANDY Business Park, Innovations Allé 3, 7100 Vejle
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The conference will be in Danish.

Want to be ahead of the future? Join us for a half-day of ESG and sustainability

What you get

At this event, we’ll explore ESG and sustainability practices and help you understand the implications of your company’s upcoming ESG requirements.

The conference is part of our program, Decoupling 2030. You’ll get a thorough introduction to Decoupling 2030 and learn more about how participation can bolster your company’s sustainability efforts while maintaining competitiveness and driving value creation.


Has ESG become a ‘license to operate’ for Danish companies?

Days when it was enough to be a subcontractor are over. Today, companies must adapt to an updated approach to sustainability reporting. This includes mandatory reporting on environmental protection, social initiatives, and good governance practices – better known as ESG. 

This shift calls for entirely new approaches to sustainability, efficient supply logistics, and collaboration in the value chain.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Program and speakers

  • Morten Kjeldgaard, COO – DANDY Business Park – Innovation Hub SUSTAIN
    Welcome and practical information
  • Regin Røndal-Liniger, Business Manager, Rambøll
    What will ESG requirements mean for your company from 2025?
  • Julie Hjort, Director of Sustainable Transition at DDC and Mission Leader of Decoupling 2030
    Introduction to Decoupling 2030: How do Danish manufacturing companies become more sustainable?
  • Esben Theibel, ESG Manager, Bagger-Sørensen
    One year with ESG: Our experience with ESG implementation
  • Thomas Trads Hansen, CEO, Stilling
    Climate positivity, focus on nature, and circularity as guiding principles

Read more about the full program
here (in Danish).

This event is organized by our Decoupling 2030 partners at DANDY Business Park and will be held in Danish.

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