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Mission Launch: Imagine a Future with a Thriving Youth

31 May 2023
1:00 – 3:30 PM
Date May 31, 2023
Time 1:00 – 3:30 PM
Price Free
Location DDC – Danish Design Center
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This event is in Danish

The well-being of our youth is rapidly declining. We need more than current strategies and reforms that try to reverse this.

At DDC, we believe we need to rethink our foundation – schools, work, family, and friends – by collaboratively exploring a new future where young people can thrive.

That’s why we are launching our new mission, Thriving Youth, – and you are invited. 

The mission is created from a strategic focus on the well-being of young people. With more than 150 actors, we have created the future universe Vorby – an initial proposal for what a future that strengthens the well-being of young people looks like. 

We have expanded and translated this future’s principles into a mission enabling action and collaboration here and now. 

You will not just see a new future at the launch – you will experience it firsthand. You will hear, taste, smell, and feel it when we invite you to explore Vorby. Afterward, some of the project’s participants will discuss the new perspectives and approaches the initiative has given them. Finally, you can contribute to and nuance the new direction.

Space is limited. RSVP by Monday, May 29, 2023, via Eventbrite.


Olivia Orlandi Grant

Acting Director, Ungdomsbureauet

Oliver Herlitschek

Co-Founder, Blumen

Stine Bosse

Business Leader and Board Member

Camilla Dolberg Schmidt

Head of Projects and Development, Østifterne

Sara Gry Striegler

Director of Social Transition, DDC

Kimmie Tentschert

Senior Creative, DDC


Kimmie Tentschert

Senior Creative & Project Manager

Phone +45 2728 2419
Social LinkedIn

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