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Open Call for Danish Municipalities:
Do you Want Our Youth to Thrive?

02. Feb 2024

We’re looking for ambitious Danish municipalities that want to address the well-being crisis of our youth in radical, new ways. Do you want to join and establish a collaboration to both scale the already successful initiatives and develop entirely new solutions?

Quick insight

In the spring of 2024, we are launching an ambitious, cross-municipal partnership that will rethink and change the structures responsible for the current collectively experienced despair among young people.

If you can nod to the following statements, it might just be you we are looking for to take the next step:

  • The current well-being crisis requires us to do something different and new. The structures we have created in our society are failing to create a framework where young people thrive.
  • The challenges surrounding young people today are so complex that it’s impossible to solve them locally or with a few smart solutions.
  • New actual initiatives that, in practice, create value for young people require unknown approaches, tools, and collaborations across silos.
  • There is huge potential in working with and investing in creating frameworks that require young people to thrive – both for the individual and our welfare society.

Do the above-mentioned statements resonate with you?

We want to bring together a group of ambitious municipalities and establish a collaboration to both scale and spread the already successful initiatives and develop entirely new solutions that require well-being for young people – both in school, education, and leisure contexts.

Download more information about the initiative below (in Danish) and contact Kimmie at if you want to join.

Deadline is March 1, 2024.


The initiative is part of our mission to design a future with a thriving youth. Our co-created scenario resource, Vorby, is another mission output used by Danish and international stakeholders.

Kimmie Tentschert

Senior Creative & Project Manager

Phone +45 2728 2419
Social LinkedIn

Do you have questions or want to join?

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