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Partnership: The X-Lab Network

14. Sep 2021

If you’re leading an innovation unit in Denmark, you have the opportunity to join our network of like-minded leaders. You’ll share valuable experiences, learn from each other’s successes and failures – and come out wiser and stronger


Leading an innovation unit in a big corporation can be one of the loneliest jobs that exist. You may find yourself without colleagues to develop your ideas and you’re in a constant push-and-pull relationship with the mother organization. On top of this, these units often don’t live more than two-three years.

That’s why we’ve created a network exclusively tailored to innovation leaders in Danish companies. In it, you’ll find leaders with the mandate, ambition, and nerve to challenge the status quo while still protecting the best interest of the company they work for – and with.

The X-Lab Network is a seedbed of new collaborations, spin-off ideas, and shared projects between members. To give you an example, six members joined forces to  look more deeply and analytically into the praxis of innovation leads The result was the much publicized ‘Diving Deep Into Corporation Innovation’ study that gives innovation leaders everywhere eight insights to implement in their own organization.

Who’s in the X-Lab Network?

The network consists of roughly 30 leaders, who lead semi- to totally autonomous innovation departments, units, or labs.

They all share a passion for changing things for the better. By becoming members they also agree to share their experiences (good and bad), challenges, and perspectives.

The members, not DDC, own the network. This means that all new members need to be vetted by the whole network.

What happens when the network meets?

The network meets four times a year for a two-hour breakfast hosted by one of the members.

The hosting member is free to choose a theme or ‘nut-to-crack’ for the meeting to form the base for a conversation about experiences, ideas, perspectives, advice and do’s and don’ts.

Trust, sincerity, and generosity are key to the conversations ensuring that all activities and conversations are held under the Chatham House Rules.

Kimmie Tentschert

Senior Creative & Project Manager

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