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Podcast: Unleashing the Potential of Open-Source Product Creation

19. Aug 2022

We’ve taken to the microphone to Show You the Money in open-source hardware. Join us as we uncover how hardware companies can leverage the vastly expanding potential of open-source design principles to future-proof your business


In 2022, the EU’s approval of the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation forecasts new legislative measures and initiatives for sustainable product development. This calls for companies and designers to change the way you design, create and distribute your products. As the right to repair movement expands, and with global supply chains under indefinite pressure, open-source principles might offer a new direction for you and your business.

Throughout five podcast episodes, we talk to open-source frontrunners, thought leaders, and experts about the business of going open.

This podcast is produced by DDC – Danish Design Center as part of the three-year EU-Horizon 2020 project OPENNEXT. For more info, go to

  1. Where’s the Money in Open-Source Hardware?

    The hosts introduce the Revenue Model Catalog – an open-source collection of strategic approaches and best practice examples from businesses making money by giving away their blueprint for free.

  2. The Return of the Commons – Can Open-Source Democratize Product Design?

    Paul Stacey, former Associate Director of Global Learning for Creative Commons, shares some essential knowledge, insights, and inspirations about the origins of the commons, the path to where we are today, and how open-source is changing the future of product design.

  3. And Then There was RepRap – How an Open-Source Project Gave Birth to an Industry

    In this episode, open-source royalty and the main protagonist behind RepRap, Adrian Bowyer, share his experiences from the RepRap project and help us reflect on the episodes-old question; going open vs. staying closed. 

  4. Sharing a Little or a Lot – How Do You Decide What and How to Open Up?

    We sit down with Martin Häuer of Open Source Ecology Germany to understand which options are available for businesses when navigating beyond the trenches of the closed-source economy.

  5. Building a Jurassic Park – When Patents Go Extinct, What’s the Alternative?

    In this episode, we ask Jaime Arredondo to uncover the thoughts and principles behind his perhaps most bold idea to date: The Open Patent.

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