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Assumption Mapping

Time 45 min
Participants Group (Team-based)

This tool allows you to structure and prioritize your assumptions. Using the tool should come before executing the actual test(s) of your business models, user involvement, and potentiel features of your products or services to make sure you are building the right thing before you begin building the thing right.

Essentially, it’s about identifying the risky assumptions you’re making about your business, product, and service, enabling you to think critically about your business.

The Assumption Mapping Tool helps you: 

  • Identify what you need to learn next 
  • Figure out what activities are required to obtain these insights
  • Make strategic decisions in developing your business
  1. List your assumptions

    Set aside 20 minutes to review your business model canvas or value proposition and make a detailed list of every assumption you’ve made in completing the canvas. Use a sticky note per assumption on the template.

    An assumption is something that is not absolutely certain. Any uncertainty you find in the Business Model Canvas or value proposition should be written down on a sticky note and added to this list. 

  2. Prioritize your assumptions

    Take 15 minutes to transfer the assumption from your Assumptions List over to the Assumption Mapping Poster (download below) and carefully consider the placement of your notes on the board.

  3. Color-dot your assumptions

    Use 10 minutes to color-dot your assumptions to understand which assumptions you should work with and test first.


  • Business Model Canvas or Value Proposition (Filled out) 
  • Assumption Mapping Poster 
  • Sticky notes 
  • Felt-tip pens 
  • Dot stickers (Three different colors)

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