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Priority Graph

Time 30 min
Participants Group (max 4 people)

Priority graph

A successful idea development process will generate a list of ideas that need to be prioritised before you can move forward. With a priority graph, you select the best ideas according to the criteria for success. For example how viable the idea is, ie. how difficult it is to realise with the existing framework. The prioritisation tool helps you go from having many outlined solutions to identifying which ideas you want to develop further.


  1. Select the criteria you want to apply in assessing your ideas, e.g. how easy or how hard the idea would be to realise, or how much value it holds for your target group. Select two criteria.
  2. Rank the ideas based on how easy or hard they would be to realise, and assess how much value they would hold for the users.
  3. Write the criteria down in your graph and place the ideas (written on post-it notes) in relation to the criteria. Place the ideas one by one. Place related ideas close together, so that they form an idea cluster.
  4. Now use the graph as the basis for a group discussion about which ideas are best suited for further development, perhaps as the basis for drawing up a concept. Generally, the ideas in the top right corner are the ones that hold the biggest potential. They offer most value for the users and are easiest to realise.


  • A3 poster [download and print below]
  • Post-it notes
  • Felt-tip pens

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