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Service Journey

Time 60 min
Participants Group (max 4 people)

Service journey

A service journey places the user of a service centre stage and gives you a visual representation of who is involved in defining a service, whom your target group has been in touch with, what has happened during the service process, and what the experience was like. The exercise lets you identify areas where you do too little or, perhaps, too much, where to initiate and conclude the service, and what you should do yourselves versus what you should leave up to others.


  1. Speak with your most important target group.
  2. Ask the target group to review their service experience. It may be helpful to draw up a timeline to structure the interview and indicate what happens before, during and after your service.
  3. Ask whom the target group was in touch with, and what happened.
  4. In conclusion, have the users mark the three or four most significant points during the journey. This may be so-called pain points or heart points: points during the service that have a significant positive or negative emotional impact for the user.


  • Service A3 poster [download and print below]
  • Icons [download and print below]
  • Felt-tip pens

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