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The Circular Value Chain Tool

Collaborate with stakeholders from your value chain to get an overview of your shared activities, actors, and resources. Use their insights to get ideas for circular initiatives in your value chain. 

Time 1-3 hours
Participants 4-12

Why you should use this tool

The tool helps to map out your value chain. It makes you reflect, discuss, and investigate the opportunities to create circular loops around your specific product through collaboration and it helps you develop a strategy to make it a reality.

The purpose of bringing all actors in the value chain together is to create a shared vision of increased circularity to work towards. It is essential to be ready to include and consider different and possibly new perspectives throughout the workshop. 

This workshop is your starting point for identifying and eventually implementing circular initiatives. You can close a loop in the longer run by ensuring you circulate materials instead of wasting them.

"The Circular Value Chain Tool gathered the right stakeholders for us with just the right knowledge. It gave our processes for recycling plastic a giant boost"

Gunhild Nørgaard


You need the following materials

  • Workshop Canvas
  • Resource-, actor-, event-, and warning sign-cards (download and print as 2-sided prints )
  • Question- and Scenario cards (download and print as 2-sided prints)
  • Post-its
  • Pens
  • Scissors 

Alternatively, you can carry out the workshop digitally by applying our Miro board.

How to use the tool

Watch the three videos here to get an introduction to the tool.

You can download the guidelines and the entire tool below. You can also try it online here on Miro.

Therese Balslev

Strategic Circular Designer

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