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Value System Mapping

Time 60 min
Participants Group (max 4 people)

Value system mapping

The purpose of this tool is to explore and understand the ecosystem of your platform, business or project. The aim is to map out the interaction between you and your stakeholders, as well as the interaction directly between your stakeholders (actors), without you being involved: Who exchanges value with whom, and what value are they exchanging? By using this tool you will have a clear understanding of your ecosystem’s relationships on a visual map. When you have finished your map present it to colleagues or other stakeholders. They might see connections you have missed.


  1. Use the five actor cluster cards to identify the 5 most important groups of stakeholders in your ecosystem. Be as specific as possible in answering the two questions. The red card is your card. Write the name of your business or project on it, and answer the questions.
  2. Put your cards on the table and connect the clusters by answering the question: “What can A give to B?”. Eg. goods, knowledge, money, influence – be as specific as possible. Write down your answers on the green Value Transaction cards and place the cards between the clusters (with the arrow pointing in the direction that the value is flowing). Don’t forget to look for sub-systems within the ecosystem, you might uncover the foundation for another potential platform
  3. When you have connected all the Actor Clusters, consider your role in the system.
  4. As the initiator of the platform/business you are the one facilitating the value transactions between your ecosystem actors. How can you do that best? Is it by owning/managing the ecosystem? Is it by empowering another actor to manage it? Is it to take an equal part in the ecosystem? Or something completely different? Write your answer on blank cards or post-its and connect the values, you provide and receive to the system.


  • Value arrow pieces
  • 5 actor cluster cards
  • Pens

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