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The Digital Future Innovation Challenge

Drawing inspiration from the values and business models of seven companies, design students have four days to develop prototypes of what products can look like in the future — a future where digital technologies and solutions are characterized by their liberation for both people and the planet

This project is a part of our theme
Digital transition

At DDC – Danish Design Center, we are fundamentally in love with the potential of digital technologies. And on behalf of our society, businesses, and future generations, we want to continue to be. We are committed to contributing to a future where technology serves us rather than vice versa. A world where digital technologies contribute to a sustainable – even regenerative, meaningful, just, ethical, and responsible society. 

This vision is what a group of forward-thinking companies and creative students explore during the Digital Future Innovation Challenge. The challenge takes place from October 31 – November 3, 2023. It is a partnership with Design School Kolding and a collaboration with DI Digital and Finansforbundet.

We firmly believe that tangible examples in the form of prototypes and concepts, illustrating how solutions can stand out in a future where we have succeeded in an ethical and responsible digital transformation, can accelerate positive progress. In other words, what does the future look like when we succeed?

The Digital Future Innovation Challenge

The Digital Future Innovation Challenge is a four-day camp where participants will collaborate to envision and create tangible prototypes for new digital business opportunities. We will also highlight the essential role of designers in the field of digital innovation and ethics. The camp is organized as a sprint process encompassing the following stages: 

  1. Forming teams
  2. Understanding the context and diving into the future
  3. Idea development and concept creation
  4. Prototyping
  5. Presentation.

Specifically, we at DDC aim to:

  • Facilitate new interactions between budding design talents and established companies.
  • Highlight and discuss liberating technologies and digital ethics.
  • Demonstrate the designer’s role in the work of digital innovation and digital ethics. Show concrete solutions and prototypes for new digital business opportunities.

Design is a Danish stronghold

Denmark has a rich tradition of placing people at the core of the design of physical products and services. This approach has not only given Danish businesses a competitive edge but it has also established Denmark as a global design leader. Leveraging our wealth of experience, the Danish design DNA, and a human-centric product development approach, we are ready to transition into the digital domain.

Start today: The Digital Ethics Compass

One of the tools we have developed on this journey is the Digital Ethics Compass, designed to assist businesses in incorporating ethics into the development and design of digital solutions. You can download the toolkit in both Danish and English here.

Who is involved in the challenge

Christina Melander

Director of Digital Transition

Phone +45 2946 2922
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