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Social Transition: A Radical Approach

Rethinking our social structures and designing inclusive social solutions with human needs front and center

In Denmark, we pride ourselves on the elaborate welfare system that provides a safety net for all of us. So why does our collective well-being seem to be at risk? In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in young people with mental health issues, our seniors are being increasingly marginalized and viewed as a burden, and healthcare solutions often weigh the system’s needs over the patient. It’s time to flip the system on its head.

Let’s redesign the framework

At DDC, we believe that all people have the capacity – and the right – to change their current situation in life. But too often, people are defined by the labels we collectively affix to them. “Old,” “unemployed,” “vulnerable”. Labels that leave the receiver in a passive role, with little choice or motivation to participate actively in society.

Instead of continuing to patch the holes in our social fabric, we need to weave a new pattern, radically changing the approaches to our social challenges. We need to redesign the framework, carefully examining the preset conditions for certain stages in life – both systemic and human.

Creating a thriving population

We build the capacity in institutions, organizations, and individuals to find a new starting point for overcoming challenges. Moving the needle from me to we, from age-defined to life-centered, from receiver to actor. With design as an approach and a method, we start by identifying human behavior and needs, then mobilize all relevant actors, always including the target group, to work around new solutions and build capacity within the relevant organization.

This way, we can close the gap between citizens and government, empowering people – old, young, ill, or well – by giving them the platform and tools to help build new solutions that can improve their lives. Ultimately, this creates a thriving population and a healthier welfare society overall.

Our social mission: A thriving youth

In Denmark, we see an increasing number of young people and children experiencing a decline in well-being in school and a continued growth in mental dissatisfaction. A recent study from 2020 shows that 15 % of all Danish children by the age of 18 have been diagnosed with psychiatric disease. This concern affects not only the young but our entire welfare system. It has become a goal for the Danish government to strengthen the well-being of our youth.

We want to support that by launching a mission that addresses mental health issues among the young because, put simply – shouldn’t our youth be thriving?

Launching a mission is hard work; we can’t do it alone. We launched the mission on May 31, 2023, after co-creating Vorby with +150 actors from the child and youth sector. Vorby is a future city and free design resource where young people thrive. Use Vorby as inspiration and a tool to stretch your imagination.

Read more about how we work with missions here: Missions playbook.

Explore some of our previous and current projects:

Scenario design: What we offer

If you are interested in changing your organization through futures design and scenario design, we’ll gladly help you. We tailor the specific event to your exact needs and situation.

  1. Talk: Listen to the Futures
    Book us for an inspirational talk and step into our scenario universe. The talk can be part of a conference or an independent event, and it can be physical or virtual. This event is a great reference point for future discussions in your organization and a first step in understanding how future scenarios can support mission-oriented innovation and create value in your work.
  2. Workshop: Touch the Futures
    Use a half or full day to gain new perspectives on your work around central challenges related to the future of aging and care. We’ll invite you to experience the power of scenarios through relevant, sensory experiences and exercises to foster new perspectives on challenges and/or opportunities you are working on. The workshop can be physical or virtual.
  3. Transition kick-off: Scenario-driven innovation process
    Learn how to use scenario design and our mission framework to set a new purpose and direction for your organization.

Future Scenarios & Speculative Design

With design, storytelling, and alternative futures we can highlight complex issues from new perspectives. Through scenario-based design, we discover new ways to take action. It gives us the tools we need to build organizations that are flexible and ready for change. And it allows us to make better decisions, right here and now. Sometimes you need to place yourself in the future to make the right decisions for tomorrow.

We work scenario-based with small and big businesses, and public institutions like municipalities, schools, and hospitals. Explore and try our scenario toolkit Living Futures or New Days, and read more about our work with scenario-based and speculative design right here.

Meet our colleagues working on our social projects, scenerio-design and mission:

Can’t get enough of design and innovation? We hear you. And we have you covered.

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