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boxing future health

Co-creating the future
with University College Copenhagen

How do we create a healthcare system, including personnel and educational institutions, that are future-ready?

The Results: Increased interprofessional collaboration

The project resulted in a closer collaboration across the management. Several interprofessional collaborations have been created among the students based on the course.

The realization has also meant that educational leaders from different fields today work together to develop new courses across educations with interprofessional collaboration in focus.

Two new profile educations have been created:

  • One profile was developed based on a trend about individualized medicine, and the students were taught to handle specialized personal medicine
  • The second profile was based upon a trend related to the increased number of patients with chronic diseases. Focusing on diabetes, the students were taught about the disease, but also trained in being able to understand, how to work with diabetes patients

"We've thought of some things we would not have thought of otherwise – and we've done it together"

Randi Brinckmann

Dean, University College Copenhagen

boxing future health

The Challenge: New and different requirements for the future health sector

The future welfare challenges are multidimensional. A comprehensive transformation is taking place. Digital, technological, and medical development is constantly pushing the boundaries of not only healthcare but also the understanding of diseases, health, and the human body itself.

New understandings create new requirements, and these will apply to the health service as a whole, but equally to the associated institutions, professional groups, and individual health professionals.

So how do we prepare our healthcare personnel and our healthcare educational institutions for the future?

The Approach: A common vision for the future health sector

In the fall of 2018, the Faculty of Health Sciences (SFF) at Copenhagen University College and the DDC entered a collaboration to ensure that the transformations we see on the healthcare horizon today are discussed, decided upon, and included in the Faculty of Health Science, education building, competence development, and teaching.

The collaboration was based on our project Boxing Future Health. Here, four possible future scenarios are set up within the health area. Transformation possibilities are put at the forefront and this activates and provokes new ways of thinking.

Through an experimental and systematic process combining design methods and future research, the Faculty of Health Sciences’ practice and insights were brought into play through a targeted process called Future Challenge.

24 participants – heads of department, heads of education, and the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences participated in the course, which included five phases over four weeks.

“Working with the scenarios showed us that you can not just look at the educational standards for one profession, because when the healthcare sector changes, it affects all the professions"

Randi Brinckmann

Dean, University College Copenhagen

Sara Gry Striegler

Program Director

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