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5 Step Storyboard

Prototype and test the experience of your solution

Time 60 – 120 min
Participants Group

When designing a service or another experience-based solution, a storyboard is extremely useful for prototyping your suggested solution or idea. Storyboards help you think of the experience from the user’s perspective. This allows the user to relate to the idea of your solution by being the center of your storyline.

As with any other prototype, the purpose of the storyboard is to receive feedback and input
from users or stakeholders. Therefore, it should reflect and focus on the most pressing questions and curiosities you might have about your solution. Consider the storyboard as a prop that helps the user understand your idea and leads the conversation towards what’s most important to get feedback on. The prototype is not the result or product of the process. The knowledge and insights your gain from presenting it is.


  • Postern [download and print below]
  • Markers for drawing

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