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Watch: The Toolkit to Design Your Circular Transition

04. Mar 2022

In this Design AM video, you get a tour de force of our circular toolkit. Get insights on how the tools have been applied by companies and experts that kickstarted their circular transition

Quick insight

The transition into a sustainable circular economy is no easy task. It requires fundamental changes in the way companies design, produce, and distribute products. We need to bend the linear business models of the present and start building products and systems where waste is no longer a part of the equation. 

This puts enormous pressure on companies to act, with an overwhelming risk of stumbling before even getting started. That’s why we’re presenting our new toolkit, ‘Designing Your Circular Transition’, which aims to help companies through a circular innovation process.

When you watch the Design AM, you get insights on:

  • The eight tools in the circular toolkit. We go through the tools’ purposes and potential outputs, and we apply hands-on examples for you to relate to
  • A panel discussion with two companies and a circularity expert. They provide you with perspectives and reflections on how to work with design-driven tools in a real-life context and how they have helped the development of their respective organizations





Therese Balslev

Strategic Circular Designer

Phone +45 2960 3869
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