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Green Transition:
An Irresistible Urge

The past is irreversible.
Let’s make a greener future irresistible

Have you thought about your planet today? While it may not be top of mind in our everyday lives, most of us know that our planet is in a state of emergency. We know that we need to change, and we know that we needed to do it yesterday. But taking meaningful action in the face of an emergency can be a staggering challenge. 

At DDC, we believe that – when given the opportunity and the capacity – humans are both willing and able to imagine and realize solutions for the greater good. That is why we bring companies, organizations, educational institutions, citizens, and policymakers together to explore, build and test new solutions that move us towards a greener future. Not just because sustainability is good business, but because meeting human, societal, and environmental needs is good value.

We use design in three ways to meet this opportunity: 

  1. By transgressing borders
    We must work across sectors, national borders, value chains, and cultures to solve complex challenges. The best green solutions are systemic and made possible through the collective efforts of companies, consumers, legislators, and the media. We do this in projects like REFLOW, DESIRE – New European Bauhaus, and our mission to design the irresistible circular society.
  2. By building capacity
    There are very few quick fixes in the sustainable transition. Instead, we empower and build capacity with our partners to help them work proactively for a green future on their own. We’ve seen businesses like lamp designer Tom Rossau, refrigeration company GRAD, and retailer REMA 1000 do it, and talked to several others about their circular transition.
  3. By creating the irresistible
    We can’t build a sustainable future based on obligations, sanctions, and fear. We must make the sustainable future attractive, beautiful, and simple to live in if we want everyone to join us. We’re working alongside +150 other actors to do this in the EU New European Bauhaus project DESIRE.

Driving the transition through a circular mission

We work mission-oriented with our three transitions. As for the green transition, our mission is to create an irresistible circular society. Our lighthouse project in realizing the mission is our 30 for 2030 initiative. By defining ten actions all organizations and humans need to take and consider with 30 partners, we aspire to set a shared circular direction and enable our partners to act. 

Because the circular economy gives us the tools to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss while addressing critical social needs. It gives us the power to grow prosperity, jobs, and resilience while cutting greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and pollution.

Zooming in on:

Designing Our Irresistible Circular Society

What do you think a (more) circular Denmark looks and feels like? How are we citizens, consumers, businesses, and scientists in a circular society?

We lack a shared direction for Denmark’s becoming an irresistible circular society in 2030. The shift to a circular society is an urgently needed change. Otherwise, we will not achieve the government’s goal of reducing our CO2 emissions by 70 percent by 2030. But the existing ambitions are not high enough.

That is why we are launching initiative 30 for 2030 – a step toward realizing our mission to design an irresistible circular society. With 30 partners, we’ve defined ten actions that enable us to act.

Read more about the mission

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Leadership Program for Circular Transition

Date Mar 2 — Apr 25, 2023
Time March and April 2023 (see dates below)
Event type Course
Price 30.000
Location DDC – Danish Design Center
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Designing Your
Circular Transition

One toolkit, eight tools. Our circular toolkit kickstarts your transition

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Julie Hjort

Director of Sustainable Transition

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