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How to use Design-Driven Approaches in Your Circular Transition

27 April 2022
Date April 27, 2022
Time 12:00-13:30
Event type Debate
Price Free
Location Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen
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Join us at the conference LOOP for a panel debate in which we explore how strategic design can contribute to the circular transition

*The event will be in Danish
We have gathered four experts with different backgrounds and from varying sectors for this debate. Still, they all work with design every day. With this debate, we want to show the audience how design-driven approaches apply to all industries and hopefully inspire more to take the leap and start their circular transition.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Gain insights on how experts in circularity and sustainability have applied design-driven approaches to solve real-life problems and work towards solutions in companies, municipalities, and cities
  2. How approaching problems in a systematic, creative, and new manner can be essential to how we advance a complex and challenging transition to a circular society
  3. Uncover perspectives on how design methods and approaches can turn a challenge into an opportunity and how design thinking can turn ideas into solutions that contribute to positive changes in companies, cities, and society

The panelists are:

Therese Balslev

Strategic Circular Designer

Phone +45 2960 3869
Social LinkedIn

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