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Design AM:
Designing Your Circular Transition

1 March 2022
8:30 – 10.30
Date March 1, 2022
Time 8:30 – 10.30
Event type Talk
Price Free
Location DDC – Danish Design Center or online
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Join us for a presentation of our new toolkit that helps companies explore and develop circular business opportunities

*The event is in Danish

The transition into a sustainable circular economy is no easy task. It requires fundamental changes in the way companies design, produce, and distribute products. We need to bend the linear business models of the present and start building products and systems where waste is no longer a part of the equation. This puts enormous pressure on companies to act, with an overwhelming risk of stumbling before even getting started.

That’s why we’re launching our new toolkit ‘Designing your circular transition’. The goal is to help companies through a circular innovation process.

At this event you’ll get insights on:

  • Different strategies to help you start the circular journey of your company or organization
  • How to apply strategic design approaches to explore, build, and test circular products and services
  • Understand the pitfalls and opportunities of going circular from the experiences of ambitious circular companies

The event is part of our popular capacity-building program, designed to match the needs we see with the companies we work with. That means you’ll be presented with the latest insights from our projects working within the sustainable and circular business transformation.

Participation is free, and you can of course join us online.

Panelists: TBA

Gry Brostrøm

Senior Project Manager

Phone +45 3115 8670
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