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Master Class with Stuart Candy: Bringing the Future to Life

future archive design museum
8 September 2022
14:00 – 17:00
Date September 8, 2022
Time 14:00 – 17:00
Event type Master class
Price 495 DKK
Location DDC – Danish Design Center
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Join us for an inspiring afternoon with renowned experiential futurist Stuart Candy, exploring how alternative futures are brought to life as evocative experiences — that might just change our perspective on the present

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We’re in crisis. We must imagine radically different alternatives to avoid extinction and societal collapse and find hope. We desperately need new narratives to guide us on our path forward: As individuals, as organizations, as communities, and as societies. To tackle the systemic issues we’re facing we need to train ourselves to think beyond short-term problem solving and consider the long-term perspectives. We need images of the future, and cold facts and projections simply won’t cut it alone. If we’re to make it — we need to fuel the engine of human emotion, creativity, and storytelling.

The program will include presentations from both Stuart Candy and DDC as well as practical exercises. There’ll be snacks and drinks after the event if you’d like to meet others from the field.

The event is in English. Students are welcome to contact Oskar Stokholm Østergaard for student tickets.

About Stuart Candy

Stuart Candy (@futuryst) is an award-winning foresight practitioner, designer, artist, and educator who aims to amplify humanity’s capacity for navigating alternative futures by any means necessary. Involved in the futures field since the 1990s, he is recognized as a pioneer of practices where design and foresight meet (experiential futures, design fiction, speculative design, etc), helped lay a foundation for these idioms, brought them to wider attention and use, and expanded their boundaries by directing, collaborating and advising on numerous transmedia storytelling projects, participatory design events, installations, and guerrilla interventions. Currently an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, he has introduced hybrid design-futures approaches through appointments and visiting engagements at institutions around the world.

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