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Three Digital Trends to Look Out For in 2022

01. Feb 2022

The pandemic has exposed the drastic need for companies to go digital – and for those who already are, to up their game. In this webcast, digital strategist Christian Villum and our CEO Christian Bason tells you what to look out for, as we steer towards new priorities post corona

Quick insight

While the past few years have been a struggle for some SMEs, many have used the pandemic as a catalyst for experimenting with new digital products and services. In our three-year project Sprint:Digital, we have helped more than 100 Danish SMEs future-proof their businesses by developing new digital services or products, using design sprint as a method. One of the overall lessons from the project is that digitalization is about much more than financial growth. Digital development must go hand in hand with taking responsibility as a company – for society, people, and the planet. Here are three ways to do that in 2022.

  1. The green transition

    In 2022, the green transition will have an even greater impact on our society. This transition is larger and more long-term than the pandemic and one that is closely linked to digitization. Climate change, biodiversity, and CO2 emissions must all be considered when designing future digital solutions. The key lies in rethinking value chains and service systems, as well as developing platforms for recycling. Here, digitization plays a crucial role as a component of the circular economy, as well as the climate agenda in general. We’re working on the green transition through a number of projects. Read more here.

  2.  Mental and social well-being

    We have a pressing need to integrate social considerations into the digital agenda. A good and healthy economy goes hand in hand with our mental and social well-being, and therefore, companies must look beyond the financial gains of their business model. At a time where loneliness, stress, and poor health are growing problems in society, it is vital to design and build businesses and digital solutions with an embedded sense of social responsibility. Read more about our projects within social transition here.

  3. Digital ethics

    Digital responsibility requires a new ethical approach. In order to create a better and more responsible digital world, we need to start with the decisions that designers, product managers, and programmers make every day. We must strive toward being ethical by default, to maintain healthier digital behavior that is free from sly algorithms and addictive gadgets. This is an agenda that will carry a lot of weight – not just in 2022, but also in years to come. One of our contributions to this agenda is the toolkit The Digital Ethics Compass.

Watch the full webcast (in Danish) below.

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