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Tool 02:
How Might We

(Co)-create new solutions

Time 30 min
Participants Individual or group (max 4 people)

Use ‘How Might We’ questions to turn challenges into circular possibilities.

Why you should use this tool

“How might we” questions are an effective way when going from conclusions or challenges to new circular ideas and possibilities. 

With “how might we” questions, you formulate explicitly what you would like to answer or solve in the following idea development. This way, the “how might we” questions serve as a starting point when kickstarting your circular journey in your business.


  • How Might We cards (A4) – four sheets per participant
  • Pens

How to use the tool

Step 1 · Identify areas of importance · 10 min
Agree on the most important areas where you see potentials for new solutions within circularity. This could be based on the conclusions from previous investigations or from insights from the use of other CE tools such as the “Circular Strategies Wheel.

Step 2 · Brainstorm HMW questions ·  10 min
Brainstorm different “how might we” questions based on each conclusion from the previous step. Do this by flipping a challenge to a potential, or by questioning a fundamental assumption.

When you fill out the sheet, consider;

  • The [context] in which the challenge is based
  • The [target group] for whom you are aiming at creating value
  • The [value] you want the target group to experience with your solution
  • A [mean or approach] you want to apply (this is not always necessary)


[Context] – Disposal of old furniture

[Target group] – Young people

[Value] – Better opportunities for customers to extend the products lifetime

[Means or approach] – Support function that allows customers to get help

Step 3 · Selection of HMWs ·  10 min
Choose 1 or 2 of the most important “how might we” questions that will function as the starting point for the following brainstorm.

We recommend that you choose an ambitious yet realistic “how might we”. Keep in mind that small steps are manageable and might help you get started on your circular journey.


What now?

Having formulated a circular “How might we” question, you should now go to Tool 03: Brainstorm Sudoku, and start to generate ideas for circular solutions.

Go to Tool 03: Brainstorm Sudoku

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