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User Story Generator

The purpose of this exercise is to get a better understanding of the relevance and reason for your actor clusters to be part of the ecosystem and eventually the platform. This is crucial in a platform-way-of-working in order to build (and mobilize) an ecosystem of both existing and new actors. By the end of this exercise you should have gained a better understanding of the actors eventually contributing to the platform.

Take one actor cluster at a time, and construct a cohesive statement, that you would expect a representative of it to say about their reasons for contributing to the ecosystem/platform and what resources they feel they could contribute with. Try to put yourself in their perspective, and use the knowledge and experiences present in your team. Say the phrases out loud and test out with your team different scales of each part. The more specific and realistic the statements are the better they give you an idea of how to design your platform later on. Use the example at the top of the canvas to guide you how to write it down.

It’s ok to make more sentences with the same actor cluster, if it makes sense to you. But remember that you are focusing on the cluster and not the individual actor. • You can use the stories you have generated with this tool as hyptheses to test with representatives of the specific actor cluster.

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