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A new standard for going green

Mouritsen, a Danish company that offers tailored solutions within offshore energy, fluid handling, and surface treatment, joined Future Now, a three-month strategy and business development program aimed at Danish production companies in 2021

The Results: A new mindset

Throughout the program the dedicated team developed new skills and added new action items to their corporate to-do list:

  • A new take on their organizational culture and the skills they need in the future
  • A new ambition to move from classic production supplier to advising their clients in sustainable production, starting with a client survey to identify their needs 
  • New competencies and tools to lead their future design-driven innovation

“It was great to get to work with our problem hands-on, and we were very eager to get started on building prototypes. We want to make a difference and facilitate the green transition within process production. That’s why we worked, among other things, on how to articulate that and get the message communicated properly to our employees, partners, and customers”

Pieter Mouritsen

Founder and owner, Mouritsen

mouritsen mærsk

The Challenge: How do we set a new standard for going green?

Pieter Mouritsen and his team were clear about the problem they wanted to explore: How can we create a service and a business model that support a green transition for us as well as other businesses in our industry?

The Approach: Prototypes on prototypes

Together with six other Danish production companies, Mouritsen was among the first participants in the Future Now program that included three workshops as well as sessions with an appointed mentor and plenty of prototyping. 

Try the tools we used in our work with the team: 

  • Scenario planning and scenario design
  • Prototyping
  • Action plan

Mouritsen worked with four future scenarios for 2050 developed with a focus on industrial production companies. You can also work with the scenarios on your own – read more about them and try them out right here.

All Mouritsen had to invest to participate was the time the team and management spent on the workshops and mentoring sessions. The Future Now project is a collaboration with DI – Dansk Industri and Industriens Fond that runs from fall 2020-fall 2021.

”Working with the future has been both inspiring and challenging. I’ve got plenty of food for thought for our strategy. The course has helped us expand the scope of our current business and it has given us so much. At the same time, it’s been super exciting to talk to the other companies and hearing their good ideas”

Pieter Mouritsen

Founder and owner, Mouritsen

About Mouritsen

Mouritsen offers tailored solutions within offshore energy, fluid handling, and surface treatment. They supply everything from individual spare parts to complete machinery and know-how within all three areas.

Stine Mørch

Project Manager

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