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Introducing a New Green Standard

After joining our innovation program Future Now, Mouritsen, a Danish company that offers tailored solutions within offshore energy, fluid handling, and surface treatment, exited with a green mindset and a promising new partnership. Taking a new perspective on their organizational culture gives them a competitive advantage in a CO2-intensive industry

Having participated in our Future Now program, Mouritsen has achieved new important findings that help the company be more competitive in a future market. A market that may be characterized by uncertainty and new requirements. As part of its future strategy, Mouritsen has made it a priority to become a more knowledge-based company in the field of sustainability, to provide significant attention to the huge carbon footprint that the process and manufacturing industries possess.

According to Claus Andersen, CEO at Mouritsen, joining Future Now has forced the company to step outside its comfort zone to gain new perspectives:

"This process has been scary, as we came to realize what we should be good at and what we should look like if we wish to hold a position in the future. It has been a real eye-opener to us"

Claus Andersen

CEO, Mouritsen

mouritsen mærsk

The Results: A New Mindset and an Upcoming Partnership

Through the program, the team developed new skills and acquired several new accomplishments:

  • A strategic partnership with a Danish global company: Together they seek to change the industry for the better
  • A plan to move from classic production supplier to advising their clients in sustainable production, starting with a client survey to identify their needs
  • An industry-specific service that maps and improves the potential of companies
  • New competencies and tools to lead their future design-driven innovation

The Challenge: How do we set a new standard for going green?

The participating team from Mouritsen were clear about the problem they wanted to explore: How can we create a service and a business model that support a green transition for us as well as other businesses in our industry?

Throughout the three-month process, Mouritsen has been very clear about the positive impact the company can have on the industry. In fact, the company could even take the reins as one of the industry’s leading companies for the green transition. Therefore, Mouritsen’s goal in the future is also to become a knowledge-based company that offers an extensive introduction to how the equipment they sell is used correctly, ensuring its longevity and minimizing carbon emissions.

Before joining Future Now, Mouritsen saw itself primarily as being a company selling machines. However, following their participation, they have realized how important it is to be able to convey knowledge about how the machines are constructed and how they are used more sustainably.

“We have a great opportunity to make an impact on the world since we produce machines, services, and know-how within a field which leaves a large footprint across the globe. If we improve the knowledge of our machines or the way they are used, we can make a huge impact,” says Claus Andersen regarding the company’s transition to a greener future.

As part of the company’s strategy to become more knowledge-based, more business opportunities have also emerged. They plan to create a virtual and physical academy to provide training and competence development for their customers. For Mouritsen, this is a significant growth opportunity.

"We must also move and develop in that direction so others can see the goodwill around Mouritsen – especially if we are to retain and hire the best employees"

Claus Andersen

CEO, Mouritsen

The Approach: Prototypes on prototypes

Together with six other Danish production companies, Mouritsen was among the first participants in the Future Now program that included three workshops as well as sessions with an appointed mentor and plenty of prototyping. 

With the many different design tools available during the program, Mouritsen worked with four different future scenarios for 2050 developed with a focus on industrial production companies (you can check out some similar scenarios here). Among the suite of tools, the program also instructs the participating companies to make prototypes. And it was exactly the prototyping that made the difference for Mouritsen. 

During the three-month program, Mouritsen developed a prototype for a special service that maps and improves the potential of companies in the industry. The prototype has already been successfully tested by several production companies in European countries, including Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Since the Future Now program ended in late 2021, Mouritsen has relied significantly on the design process, including the work with prototypes. “The tool came in handy during our everyday work at Mouritsen. We believe that it is important to involve the end-user from the start and then design accordingly,” says Claus Andersen.

Due to the program and the tool used, Mouritsen has raised awareness of their business model, so that the company will be more competitive in the future. 

“Trying something new was necessary – something we had never done before. Now, shortly after completing the program, we meet with our new partner to discuss strategy. This is a truly remarkable process,” says Claus Andersen, awed and confident about the future of Mouritsen.

All Mouritsen had to invest to participate was the time the team and management spent on the workshops and mentoring sessions. 

The Future Now project was a collaboration with DI – Dansk Industri and Industriens Fond that ran from the fall 2020 to the fall 2021.

About Mouritsen

Mouritsen offers tailored solutions within offshore energy, fluid handling, and surface treatment. They supply everything from individual spare parts to complete machinery and know-how within all three areas.

Founded: 2007
Number of employees: 35

Gry Brostrøm

Mission Driver

Phone +45 3115 8670
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