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Re-designing Organizations

Do you want to transform your organization to become more flexible, human, meaningful, sustainable, and attractive?

The Challenge: Building sustainable organizations for the future

In recent years, businesses and other organizations across the world have begun experimenting with radically new models of organizing: Holacracy, teal, self-management, and distributed leadership are just some of the names and traits of organizational models that all aim to be more meaningful, human, agile, effective and maybe most importantly, sustainable.

Having conducted a radical organizational experiment ourselves, we now want to help others re-design their workplace and thus become more sustainable.

Suppose you and your organization are looking for a change but don’t know where to start. We want to build capacity and knowledge within your organization that helps you begin or continue your transformation.

The Approach: Re-designing your organization

Organizational design holds the potential to redesign organizations so that they can be more agile and adaptable in times of accelerated change while still keeping the fundamental values of fairness, transparency, and accountability known from more traditional forms of organization. 

When applied to an organizational context, design and innovation can drive new forms of value creation, management, leadership, and modes of motivation and sensemaking.

Some of the questions we hear from private and public organizations lately are:

  • How might we create an organization where we embrace different life circumstances?
  • How might we unleash engagement, creativity, and motivation among everyone?
  • How might we enhance productivity and focus?
  • How might we set direction and create meaning and purpose for every colleague and the organization?
  • How might we build stories, values, or universal guidelines that help our colleagues and the organization to make better decisions?

Design can help answer these questions.

Depending on where you are in the transformation, one or more of these three types of engagement might support your development:

What's your next step?

Reach out to us if you want to hear more.

20 weeks of transformation

With experienced strategic designers, we help you identify, explore and implement an organizational change toward a future-proof, thriving, and sustainable organization.

Through a 20-week program, we help design and facilitate your experiments, interventions, and learnings while introducing you to a design-driven way of changing your organization. The goal is to give you the mindset, tools, and approaches to continue working on your transformation beyond the 20 weeks.

Networking for change

Learn from your peers and thought leaders within future organizations.

During network meetings, you meet representatives from other organizations who also work on designing the workplace of the future. As part of the network, we also arrange opportunities to meet thought leaders and experts within the field of future organizations. Between the network meetings, DDC shares insights, learnings, and resources from participants, partners, and our own experiences along the way.

Informed and inspired

Gain access to new knowledge.

We share knowledge within the field of organizational design and the experiences we encounter during the transformation of our and other organizations.

We share this knowledge through morning meetings and articles and cases on our website.

Looking for something else?

If none of the above speaks to you, you can also start with a:

Book us for an inspirational talk, where we share our process, challenges, and successes with our transformation to a self-leading organization.

We can also help you start the conversation about your organization by facilitating a hands-on workshop exploring potentials, barriers, and actions to start re-designing your organization. We customize content and duration to fit your needs.

Read more about our transformation to become a self-leading organization here.

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