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New European Bauhaus: How do we Design the Irresistible Circular Society?

11. May 2023

We’re proud to present the Desire Manifesto and Principles from the New European Bauhaus project Desire – Designing the Irresistible Circular Society. This version is a prototype, ready for your feedback


The manifest and principles are the first results of an intense period with loads of co-creation sessions and iterations. Now, we are ready for the next step: Testing how the content can be applied in eight different local contexts – our demonstration sites in the five EU countries, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Latvia, and Slovenia.

So, regard this as a prototyping version of two important elements of the Desire project. Now, the sites are ready to test a new innovative design process for sustainable urban areas regarding circularity, belonging, biodiversity, movement, and aesthetics.

Follow us in our experimentation and learnings, or get involved with feedback and input. What are you curious about? What makes sense in your context? What inspires or perhaps bores you?

Our colleagues Mia M. Steentoft and Cecilie Bang Schulze, among others, have carefully collected input and reviews from the project’s partners and experts. Reach out to them if you have any questions or reflections.

Desire is one of six lighthouses in the European Commission’s new initiative New European Bauhaus, which aims to involve citizens in the green transition locally and with respect to the original history and nature of the location.

Download the Manifest and Principles here

Cecilie Bang Schulze

Urban Transition Lead

Phone +45 2618 6306
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