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Mission Framework:
Learning Forward

A design-driven framework for how to proactively steer innovation projects

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A design-driven framework for innovation processes

This framework is based on design principles – an innovative approach that is agile, iterative, and user-driven at its core. The framework is made for facilitators and managers of innovation processes in both the public and private sectors. It can be applied to high-level mission-driven innovation programs and smaller, more targeted innovation projects.

It provides a model for how to organize learning and gives actionable insights into how to collect, process, and adapt to learning in a team or organization across stakeholders.

What can the framework help you achieve?

A common picture of what the project must contribute and what are the most essential day-to-day and strategic perspectives the project group must have an eye on.

How to use the framework

The framework contains three parts that are intertwined:

  1. The entire Learning Forward publication introduces a mindset and a framework for working with your innovation project.
  2. Introduces an exercise where you can formulate the hypotheses on which your innovation project is based.
  3. Exemplifies how you can structure your learning loops.

Who must work with the framework?

The project or program group. It can be used to align expectations with business partners. It would be ideal to have both specialists who can contribute with deep professional insight and generalists who can see connections and possibilities across the table.

How much time should you expect to use:
Minimum two hours. The scope depends on the nature and complexity of the innovation project or experiment that is taken as a point of departure. The framework is based on a single project but can also be used to sharpen the learning perspective in a portfolio. The latter is more complex and therefore requires more time.

How many participants should work with the framework:
Two or more. The idea is not to sit alone with the tool. If it is a project with one or more collaborators, it would be ideal if they are also involved in the work of defining the learning mechanism for the project.

Sara Solveig Ørnsholt

Organizational Design Lead

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